How To Begin Your Wedding Planning Journey

Congratulations, you're going to get married! Wow!! Where do we start?

Sometimes we can get lost in the plethora of themes, floral arrangements and decor ideas available on Pinterest and Instagram. Adding to our ever expanding to-do list is a bookmark folder filled to the brim with ideas and cart items. When you're browsing without a coherent theme in mind, you can shop forever and still have buyer's remorse! 

Before speaking to your wedding planner, florist or wedding decorators, sit down with your *imagination cap* and visualize your special day. Start with the feeling. Whimsical, grand, full of nature or modern chic. This is the most personal and crucial element that will tie everything together. The theme or feeling is not only a reflection of your special union, but it is the starting point for every design element.  

From there, you can now elicit help from the internet or your trusty wedding planner, florist, or bestie! Create a visual mood board or a collage of reference pictures or drawings to remind yourself of the theme you are going with and compare each intended decor purchase to see if its a match! The mood board will also help you portray your ideas to your decorators and lighting experts at the venue as well, not to mention your photographer and cinematographer too! 

We are always happy to sit down with our potential clients to go through the key moments on the big day from the photography/cinematography point of view. So if you have any questions or just simply have NO IDEA where to even start asking the questions, hit us up, and we'd be happy to help you out!!

- Good luck :) 

Team Beige Weddings

Comment below if you've found this tip useful or if you have any tips of your own for wedding planning!