Beige Weddings was officially born on August 1st, 2016 - and it truly has been an amazing year!!! We'd like to say a very sincere Thank You to all of our friends, family, partners and clients for supporting us this year, we at Beige Weddings cannot wait to keep creating beautiful images for you all!!

On the second last day of 2016, I spent the whole night writing Thank You notes to all of our clients this year, and wishing them the happiest new year ahead. What they wrote back was absolutely heartwarming. These lovely notes made me even more grateful than ever, for doing what we do. Thought I'd share some of them with the world here:

Bobo we gotta thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your amazing work and advice for our wedding. You and your team did wonders with the pictures, you guys and you especially went way way above and beyond what we would have expected. Beige Weddings will soar and take the industry by storm and be a game changer. You are absolutely amazing as a person, a professional, a client, and a friend. Please have lots of fun tonight (even if you're working) and please enjoy some time off when you are able to!!!
- Nick & Jennifer
謝謝Bobo!新年快樂!我和Robert也感謝你為我們拍出這麼棒的照片,給我們留下非常珍貴的回憶!在此祝願你在新的一年步步高升,Beige Weddings越辦越好!
- Charlene & Robert
- Calla & Stan
超級愛妳的作品哦! 非常非常優秀的女性攝影師! Happy New Year and Wish you all the best!!!
- Janet & Jerry
Thank you Bobo!!! It was so much fun working with you and you're always so full of creativity!!!
- Chantal x Aaron
Thanks so much Bobo! We will highly recommend you to all our friends! Have a great new year!
- Jéanne x Jeff


Thank you all again, we SO look forward to capturing more stories in 2017 in Vancouver and around the globe!!!! A little spoil alert for the destinations coming up: Virginia US, Florence ITALY, Seattle US, Banff CANADA and Tulum MEXICO.

Happy 2017!!!!

Bobo x Team Beige Weddings